LineScout is a robotic platform designed to inspect energized transmission lines and carry out minor repairs.


LineROVer is a remotely-operated robot designed to inspect energized transmission and distribution lines and carry out minor repairs.


LineCore is a corrosion detector that provides detailed information about the condition of the galvanic protection on transmission and distribution line conductors.


The Scompi system offers an alternative to replacing and factory-refurbishing turbines. It is also able to perform in situ repairs of guide rails and spherical valves.

Maski+ (under development)

The Maski+ robot is designed to inspect freshwater hydroelectric dams and dikes.


MIR Innovation is developing drones with the goal of integrating them into its inspection solutions.

WireScan – 3D Inspection of vertical surfaces

The WireScan system measures the geometry of surfaces and long vertical sections above.


Infrastructure refurbishment, equipment replacement, maintenance project prioritization and investment decisions must be based on accurate strategic information. As the owner of a power grid and generating facilities, you face many challenges: aging assets, growing demand and proliferating operating constraints. MIR Innovation offers a range of technological solutions to guide you to the best asset management decisions and help you maintain your facilities to the highest standards.


Anticipating the evolving condition of your equipment allows you to take action at the optimal time. For this, you need reliable data. The prevention solutions developed by MIR Innovation provide unparalleled data quality. Whether you are diagnosing the condition of a transmission line conductor, visualizing the condition of a head gate slot or modelling the damaged profile of a turbine runner, MIR Innovation’s technologies give you access to the best prevention data on the market.


Some interventions cannot wait, but they must have minimal or no impact on the delivery of energy. MIR Innovation solutions make it possible to perform in situ interventions with previously unimaginable efficiency and safety while maximizing equipment availability.