MIR Innovation

MIR Innovation (for Maintenance, Inspection and Robotics) supplies innovative technology solutions for optimal electric utility asset management. As such, it commercializes technologies and expertise in robotics for the inspection and maintenance of assets such as power transmission and distribution lines, transformer substations, as well as hydroelectric generation turbines and submerged civil engineering structures.

MIR Innovation is a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, a global leader in electricity generation, transmission and distribution.

Innovations based on 20 years of specialized research

MIR Innovation is supported by IREQ’s close-knit team of 40 robotics researchers, engineers and technicians with expertise in mechanics, computing and electronics.

Targeted solutions for electric utilities

IREQ, from which MIR Innovation originates, brings together 400 scientists, engineers and technicians who pool their efforts and knowledge to develop solutions for assets such as:

  • Transmission lines
  • Transformer substations
  • Overhead and underground distribution lines
  • Hydraulic turbines and embedded components
  • Gates
  • Underwater structures

Helping you create value

MIR Innovation is committed to creating value for your electricity generation, transmission or distribution company by optimizing your asset management so as to maintain equipment reliability, as well as continuity and quality of service.

Like all electric utilities around the world, your company is subject to increasingly strict requirements and increasingly complex operating constraints. Our leading-edge technological solutions will help you improve the efficiency of your operations and maintenance activities. This means that you will be better equipped to respond to new requirements and growing customer and shareholder expectations.

Measurable benefits

Our solutions offer tangible benefits:

  • Increased productivity compared to other inspection and intervention methods
  • Reduced asset downtime
  • Non-destructive in situ evaluation methods
  • Precise and detailed data to support maintenance decisions
  • Reduced costs through deferred capital spending
  • Prioritization of asset maintenance projects
  • Extended equipment service life
  • Risk mitigation and improved asset stability and reliability
  • Enhanced worker health and safety

Who are our customers?

Since the delivery of electricity everywhere is subject to the same reliability, availability, long-term operability, safety and profitability constraints, MIR Innovation serves customers around the world.

Who are our customers?

  • Owners and operators of large hydroelectric generating and power transmission and distribution facilities
  • Large equipment manufacturers in the electricity sector
  • Inspection and maintenance service providers serving the electricity sector

How can we do business together?

MIR Innovation offers different business models based on specific customer needs:

  • Technology and commercialization licencing
  • Product sales and leasing
  • Inspection and maintenance services
  • Product development in partnership or by contract
  • Pilot projects
  • Technology transfer and training